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Special Projects

The Concert Pianist

The Concert Pianist

Christina has collaborated with author Conrad Williams on several very successful occasions. Conrad's novel "The Concert Pianist" was published by Bloomsbury in July 06 and has been re-issued in paperback in summer 07. Readings by the author are interspersed with performances of piano music by Brahms, Chopin and Rachmaninov.

  • Rye Festival on 9th September 06
  • Crear, Argyll on 27th January 07,
  • Cheltenham Festival on 8th July 07,
  • Whitstable Oyster Festival on 21st July 07
  • Wigtown Book Festival at the Swallow Theatre on 30th September 07
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    FANNY CECILIA MENDELSSOHN: “The black-browed cantor”

    Her life and compositions in music and words

    Madeleine Pierard (mezzo soprano),
    Christina Lawrie (piano)
    Karin Fernald (reader)

    Fanny Mendelssohn (1805-47) was as talented as her young brother, Felix, born four years later. She received the same musical education and composed prolifically in her early teens, before being persuaded by her father to take a back seat in favour of her brother. At the age of 40 she finally dared to publish a few compositions which were beginning to receive critical acclaim when she suddenly died at the age of 42.

    Christina Lawrie, “a young pianist of formidable intellect and boundless technique” is joined by the New Zealand born singer Madeleine Pierard. Karin Fernald specializes in devising and presenting biographical programmes with which she has toured worldwide.

    Finchcocks Musical Museum- Sunday 10 June 8.00pm

    Tickets £12.50


    Fanny Mendelssohn - Das Jahr

    In 2005 Christina brought to the Purcell Room some wonderful but neglected piano music by Fanny Mendelssohn. The performance featured readings by the tenor Norbert Meyn and artwork by Fanny Mendelssohn's husband, Wilhelm Hensel.
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    Promoters who would like to engage the artists for any of these projects can contact Christina through this website.

    Christina offers programmes of music from the Baroque era to the present day.