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The Concert Pianist


Christina has collaborated with author Conrad Williams on several very successful occasions. Conrad's novel "The Concert Pianist" was published by Bloomsbury in July 06 and has been re-issued in paperback in summer 07. Readings by the author are interspersed with performances of piano music by Brahms, Chopin and Rachmaninov.

  • Rye Festival on 9th September 06
  • Crear, Argyll on 27th January 07,
  • Cheltenham Festival on 8th July 07,
  • Whitstable Oyster Festival on 21st July 07
  • Wigtown Book Festival at the Swallow Theatre on 30th September 07

      Philip Morahan is a great pianist who cannot play the piano. A record deal looms, a recital series is nigh, but Philip can barely look at the instrument. For suddenly it seems as though the sacrifices he has made in the name of his art have cost too much. At fifty two he is single, childless, wretchedly alone. Music has kept him from life. When a bad review calls even his achievement as a pianist into question, he is in freefall.
      In the turmoil that follows, Philip’s quest to reconcile the needs of the man and the compulsions of the musician leads to a headlong unravelling, comic in its indignity. He is thoroughly deconstructed by ex-girlfriends, challenged by his protégé, all but tortured by his agent – mere preparation for the real task. To recover the power of his talent, and the capacity for love, Philip must first draw close to the central tragedy of his life.
      The Concert Pianist is a profound and gripping study of the emotional life of a great pianist, and of the ‘seam between the soul and the art’.

    Conrad Williams was born in Winnipeg and lives in Willesden with his wife and two children. He read English and Law at Cambridge, qualified as a barrister and now works as a film agent. His first novel, Sex & Genius, was published by Bloomsbury in 2002.


    From Musical Opinion, Nov-Dec 06. "The tiny Cinque Port town of Rye in East Sussex was seriously awash with talent during their festival which ran from 2 to 17 September. Their classical output included a hybrid affair on 9 September when author Conrad Williams read transcripts from his recently published book The Concert Pianist, partnered by Scottish pianist Christina Lawrie. There was a full house at Rye's Methodist Church for this 11am event: the morning light gave a burnished gloss to Christina Lawrie's Bosendorfer: It felt odd being at a concert in the daytime.

    Conrad Williams' mellifluous voice painted an opening chapter called The Fire filled with tragedy and despair. This was matched by Rachmaninov's sombre Moment Musicaux in E Flat minor; elegantly played by Lawrie. The event continued with more readings partnered by mood matching music. Christina Lawrie conveyed each with sensitivity and panache. Finally Williams read the chapter dealing with the book's pianist's reborn ability to play; called Last Concert: Resurrection and Lawrie played the Finale from Chopin's Sonata in B minor Opus 58 with passion and verve. This was a quality recital from two talented people uniting different art forms. Judith Monk



    The Concert Pianist The Concert Pianist paperback Conrad Williams
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